What Makes Killer Caramels Killer?

Chef Rockow is the fourth generation of homemade (from scratch) caramel makers. “It began with my great grandmother, then my grandmother continued this tradition, my mother, and finally, I’m proudly carrying the torch for a fourth generation!” 

With over twenty years in some of the best hotels, restaurants, and schools, Chef Jeff Rockow has plated delightful food for most of us. Many have also had the pleasure of enjoying one of his marvelous private dinners in the best homes in Dallas!

Killer Caramels are freshly made to order. Please allow 48hrs for your order to be made and available for pickup.

Gift Packages Come in 4pk, 9pk, 12pk

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The Perfect Gift

Chef Rockow uses a timeless method of cooking caramels in small batches made with real butter, heavy cream, and pure vanilla extract.  For the perfect finishing touch they are sprinkled with the finest sea salt flakes hand-harvested from the coastal town of Maldon since 1882. This delicate process achieves the perfect blend for sweet & salty buttery caramels with a deep rich flavor!

Each delicious box of Killer Caramels is packed in a beautiful see through box revealing the prized squares that are sea salt adorned and quite addictive. Killer Caramels are hand-cut, created and ready for the next gift giving occasion.


Order Your Killer Caramels Today!

You can swing by and pick your order up during business hours in The Park Cities area.

Custom Platters Available

Custom Killer Caramel platters are also available to take to your next party! Have a favorite platter at home? Drop it off and we can create something amazing using it also! 

Please call us for ideas and pricing at 817-615-4947

Custom Platters