Meet Chef Rockow

Chef Rockow is the fourth generation of homemade (from scratch) caramel makers. “It began with my great grandmother, then my grandmother continued this tradition, my mother, and finally, I’m proudly carrying the torch for a fourth generation!”

“As a young boy, I have many fond memories. I remember sitting at the kitchen table at my grandmother’s house. My great grandmother would dip a spoon into her caramels and place droplets into cold water to see what stage and how firm the caramels would get. She then would roll A PIECE in her fingers, take a bite and decide if it was ready. Once everything was perfect she would pour THEM onto a pan with no thermometer needed DUE TO YEARS of expertise! As this craft was passed down, my mom would make caramels, so we would also sit around the table and wrap the caramels in the in wax paper as a family. I miss those days and the many fond memories….but I don’t necessarily miss the wrapping 😉 I don’t use her recipe but I did inherit her passion for making them! My hope is that when you share a box with your family or a loved one that you too will create fond memories!”